Polio! Lifelong Disability


The one and a half-year-old baby are lying on his mother’s lap with a yellowish tinge. Seeing her frail mother, it seems as if she has been crying for hours and praying for the recovery of her young child. This first child of this mother is suffering from high fever, vomiting, and abnormal stiffness or stiffness in the neck. The baby’s father is rushed to a government hospital.

What Is Polio?

Polio myelitis (polio) is an epidemic (rapidly spreading) disease, caused by the poliovirus. It attacks the nervous system and can cause muscle weakness in the legs and other parts of the body, or in some cases death in just a few hours.

How Is Polio Transmitted?

The poliovirus is present in water or food contaminated with the feces of an infected person and can enter the body of healthy people through the mouth. The number of viruses enters the body and multiplies, and is transmitted from the infected person’s body to places where it can easily enter another human body.

He is impatiently asking the paramedical staff, he does not get any satisfactory answer from the doctor’s room. Seeing her baby’s condition, the doctor tells her that her baby has polio. The little one has traveled far and wide with his sick child and wife. He doesn’t know anything about a disease called polio.

After questioning the doctor, she admitted that her son had never been vaccinated against polio.

Are There Any Side Effects Of The Polio Vaccine?

The polio vaccine is being used to protect children around the world from polio. It has saved at least eight million children from becoming permanently disabled.

Is It Safe To Give Polio Drops To Children Repeatedly?

Yes, it is safe to give polio drops to children several times.

Care has been taken in the preparation of the vaccine that it can be given several times to ensure complete protection. Each additional dose further strengthens the child’s immune system against polio. After a four-month suspension of polio vaccine activities due to the coronavirus, it was decided to resume on a small scale from July 20. According to the report, door-to-door campaigns in selected districts will also be used to raise awareness about code 19 prevention measures and prenatal care services for mothers and children.

Is Anyone At High Risk Of Getting Polio?

Although this risk is present for everyone, polio mostly affects children under the age of five who have not been vaccinated against polio. Children are given two drops of oral polio vaccine (OPV). Door-to-door campaigns are run to reach out to every child. So that no child is deprived of two drops of the polio vaccine, and he is protected against polio.


Children under the age of five must be vaccinated against polio. So that children can be protected from this deadly disease. The ongoing polio campaign in Pakistan has been facing many difficulties. Some parents in the country do not even give these drops to their children due to various concerns. In fact, the basis of the concerns is the misinformation spread against this campaign.

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