Postnatal Depression

What Is Postnatal Depression?

When a mother suffers from depression immediately after the birth of her child, it is called postnatal depression. Sometimes there is a seemingly obvious cause, but often there is no apparent cause. This depression can be very painful when you are anxiously awaiting the birth of your baby during the months of pregnancy. You may feel guilty about feeling this way and you may feel the responsibilities that come with being a mother. They can’t do it right. This condition can last for weeks or months. Mild post-natal depression can be cured by taking more care of family members. However, for severe depression, it is usually necessary to see a doctor.

How Common Is This?

About one in ten mothers develop postpartum depression after childbirth. If left untreated, depression can last for months and sometimes years.

How does postnatal depression feel?

You stay unhappy and sadly most of the time or all the time. At certain times of the day, such as in the evening or in the morning, you may feel worse. Sometimes there are happy days when you feel that things are getting better. But when the sad days come, the frustration can escalate, and sometimes life doesn’t even seem worth living.


You may be irritable with babies and occasionally with your newborn. It is more likely that you will be angry with your husband without any reason, who will not understand why you are angry.


All new mothers feel very tired, but mothers who have postpartum depression. The sadness makes her so tired that she begins to feel physically ill.



Lack of sleep

Even though you are very tired, you may not be able to sleep and wake up early in the morning.

Loss of appetite:

Depressed mothers usually do not have time to eat or are not interested in eating, which can cause them anxiety and irritability. Some mothers find peace of mind by eating more, but then they start to worry about gaining weight.

Loss of fun of anything:

You feel as if there is no happiness or interest in something, you no longer enjoy anything.

Spousal Physical Relationship:

Often new mothers have no interest in sex immediately after the baby is born. Sometimes there are reasons for not being interested in physical contact after the baby is born, for example, this process can be painful. You may be feeling more tired or all your attention is on the new baby, but in postnatal depression, all such desires disappear completely. It may not be easy for your husband to understand why you are no longer interested in the process.

Unable to cope with the situation:

Depression can make you feel that you are busy all the time but still can’t do anything properly and your routine is not going well.

 Feeling Guilty:

Depression changes the way you think, and you start to see the negative in everything. You may start blaming yourself for trivial things. Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally or emotionally.


You may have a lot of anxiety so that your baby does not start screaming, something gets stuck in his throat, or he is not harmed in any other way. You may even be afraid to be alone with your baby. Maybe, instead of being attached to

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