Symptoms Of Cancer And Precautions For Patients


According to a report by the World Health Organization, between 2005 and the end of 2015, 84 million people died of cancer. According to another report, every year more than seven million people in the world fall prey to this deadly disease. The number of people suffering from this disease in Asia is more than one million annually.

There has been a significant increase in cancer patients. Men are more likely to get cancer of the lungs, prostate, colorectum, gastrointestinal tract, mouth, and liver. The disease has affected adults as well as children. The incidence of blood cancer, bone cancer, eye and kidney cancer in children is increasing day by day.


The symptoms of cancer depend on where the cancer is. There are many types of cancer, but the problem is that we often do not pay attention to the symptoms, which eventually lead to this deadly disease. If you take these symptoms seriously in the beginning and consult a doctor, you can definitely be protected from cancer.

  1. If you experience difficulty urinating, bleed, or cause impotent male impotence, it may be a sign of prostate cancer.
  2. If you do not usually have a severe headache or migraine problem, but then suddenly have a severe headache, then there may be a risk of brain tumors.
  3. If you notice that acne is growing in size or there are spots on the skin that are unusually dark in color. This symptom indicates skin cancer.
  4. Mouth sores, swelling in the jaws or numbness of the jaw are signs of oral cancer.
  5. The cough lasts longer and does not heal even after treatment, which may be a sign of lung cancer.
  6. Bleeding in the stool may be a sign of colon cancer.
  7. Severe abdominal pain and a constant feeling of nervousness and nausea may be a sign of pancreas, colorectal or liver cancer.
  8. If there is a frequent fever or infection, it is an indication that white blood cells are being affected in the body and may be a sign of blood cancer.
  9. Difficulty swallowing food can be a sign of throat or stomach cancer.
  10. Frequent scratches on the body, especially on the hands and fingers, can be a sign of leukemia.
  11. Abnormal weight loss can be a sign of many types of cancer.
  12. Feeling tired and short of breath although not usually considered a sign of cancer, take it seriously and see a doctor.
  13. All of these signs indicate cancer, but these symptoms may also have other causes. Therefore it is better to consult a good doctor than to make a self-diagnosis.

The most important principle to prevent cancer is to lead a balanced and simple lifestyle. Cancer is still a challenge for doctors around the world, but there are definitely some precautions. Which, if followed, can substantially cure the disease. We tell you about some of the foods in which nature has the ability to fight this insidious disease.

  • Cabbage is a health-promoting food, which not only makes you stronger. Rather, it is considered a cancer-fighting drug. Cabbage is the best food in bladder, breast, intestinal, gland and ovarian cancers.
  • Mushrooms are rich in B vitamins and iron, which protect against tumors.
  • Carrots contain beta-carotene and falcarinol, which have the ability to fight cancer. Carrots are useful in cancers of the mouth, throat, stomach, intestines, bladder, glands and breast.
  • Tomatoes are a great source of vitamins A, C and E, but they also contain a “cancer-fighting” ingredient, which can be used to treat breast cancer, prostate cancer, mouth, pancreas and bladder. Provides protection from cancer.
  • The ingredients in oranges and lemons produce cancer-fighting cells. Both of these things are also great ways to combat free radicals.
  • Green tea can also help prevent the spread of cancer.

Simplicity in lifestyle, avoidance of excessive consumption of poultry foods, daily exercise, avoidance of all kinds of intoxicants especially betel, tobacco etc. and especially to prevent liver cancer are hepatitis B vaccines etc

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