Ways To Keep Your Lungs Balanced


Covid-19 is a virus that causes pneumonia-like complications. So today we will focus on the relationship of the virus with the lungs. Why they are suffering and what can be done about it.

Covid 19 quickly attacks the body and at some point begins to inactivate the respiratory system. Therefore, especially during an epidemic, it is important that you take care of your lungs, and, of course, it is better to do it already.

The main causes that cause imbalances in the lungs, and make them prone to infections.

Harmful Food:

Always interesting, but the lungs are quite wavy. Most of them do not like junk food. Heavy, fat, cold food, especially in the morning and evening, is not good for the lungs, especially in the spring. The combination of dairy products with fruit, a variety of proteins in one meal, all contribute to the accumulation of toxins, and thus the whole body, including the lungs, becomes infected.

Now, during quarantine: food is especially important. It is better to eat homemade food, more spices, ginger, turmeric, lemons, vitamin C, and zinc-containing foods. Avoid semi-finished products, flour products especially sugar, canned food, junk food. Now it is better to limit dairy products, as they help in the accumulation of mucus in the body, which also complicates the work of the lungs.

Air Pollution:

Always absolutely, the lungs like fresh air. It is better to spend more time in the forest or near the pond. At home, it is better to keep the air moist and cool. Maximum 22-24 degrees and 50% humidity, ideal for a healthy environment in the home Excessive dry air dries the mucous membranes. It irritates them and makes it difficult to breathe.

Now, during quarantine, many people do not get a chance to walk quality in the fresh air. Therefore, it is especially important to ventilate the room in the house as soon as possible. It is best to use a humidifier. You can put special essential oils in the moisturizer.

Violation Of Drinking Regime

Always: The lungs are very fond of water. It is important to breathe moist air and drink plenty of water. Because when we breathe, we lose a lot of fluids. Of course, this balance needs to be restored.

Now, during the quarantine: drinking is especially important. It is better to drink hot drinks. The best hot water with lemons. You can add turmeric, ginger, and honey.

Wrong Body Position:

Always the condition of the spine, the wrong but normal posture that we take during work, sitting, standing, sleeping on a soft surface. All this is useless and can lead to lung problems. These include muscle tension, nervous breakdown, disruption of blood circulation, etc. That is why it is important to do exercises to strengthen the back, spine, etc. At least a short warm-up, but every day. Now, exercise during quarantine will be especially helpful.


Always: In spring and autumn there is an abundance of mucus in the body. It can manifest itself in the form of a runny nose or cough. That is why these seasons are a special time when our body needs help that is, cleansing. Exercise is a great way to get rid of mucus. Running or at least hiking, cardio or breathing exercises, yoga. Great way to clear your lungs and exercise at the same time. The lymph seems to circulate better, all the toxins and pathogens become easier to leave the body, free to breathe.


Now, during quarantine: we move less, and therefore the risks of hypodenemia are higher. Therefore, exercising at home is especially important. This will help remove any possible infection from the body.

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