Digital Eye Diseases


Every study from nursery to Ph.D. is now online, and one of the most unique aspects of this new lifestyle is the multiplication of our screen time. Eye specialists used to ask people to minimize screen time for this harmful health habit, but nowadays it is not difficult or impossible to avoid laptops and mobile screens.

Problems in the eyes caused by constantly looking at the screen of a mobile or laptop for several hours are called digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome. Symptoms of this disease include increased pressure on the eyes. These include redness of the eyes, constant tiredness, or dry eyes. Every other person nowadays suffers from this condition. Whether he is studying online or doing office work from home.

Now The Question Is Why Does It Happen And How Can It Be Prevented?

First, we see, what is the cause of such eye diseases? The human eye is designed to look far from evolutionary or historical. When the inner muscles of our eye that are allocated to focus our lenses. They are perfectly relaxed or relaxed, so the focus of our eye is looking at objects 6 meters and beyond.

But when we have to look closely, these are the muscles that work and bring the focus to 60 cm. If you are constantly looking at mobile, then this is the focusing system that is constantly working. Let us illustrate this with an example. Usually, our hands do not get tired of lifting a cup of tea for five minutes, but if the same hand lifts the same small cup for five hours, our arms will become paralyzed. Similarly, if our eyes look closely for a while, they do not get tired at all, but if we stay focused in one place for hours, the inner muscles of the eyes will not only get tired.

It will also cause headaches and some boredom. Similarly, when we are doing close work, the amount of blinking of our eyelids also decreases. It is normal to blink 20 times a minute, but when the same eye is focusing closely, it blinks less than 5 times. This low blink reduces the moisture content in the eyes and the eyes begin to become dry.

And it is accompanied by sleep, that the eye is not only tired but also dry.

Now Let’s See How It Is Possible To Prevent It.

There are two parts to this prevention.

  1. One is the work we have to do to protect our eyes. Such as the principle of 20-20-20. According to this principle, we have to look 20 feet away every 20 minutes for 20 seconds. So that what is constantly on the eyes, and causes constant fatigue, is reduced.
  2. The second is to blink your eyes every once in a while. So that repeated tears clear our eyes and minimize the possibility of dryness. The second section contains instructions related to the screen. The bigger the screen the better. The smaller the focus, the greater the focus, and the greater the damage. Also, the distance from the screen is greater.

If your laptop is lying on a table, just having a wireless mouse and keyboard can increase the distance. Similarly, gamers should sit at least 6-8 feet away from the TV. Also, if the light on the screen is brighter, then the focus will have to be more. While the screen and the light in the room will put less stress on your eyes. Matt screens put less strain on the eyes than glossy screens. Also, a good chair and table are helpful in keeping your body and eyes relaxed.


Finally, the same request is made to the readers that if your eyes are protesting due to constant use and excess of screen time and do not support you, then show them to a qualified doctor. So that you have a correct diagnosis of dry eye, undue pressure, and digital eye strain related disease and you are given the number of suitable glasses and drops and medicine can be prescribed according to the condition of the eyes.

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