Eye Diseases in Human Body


The eye is a very delicate organ. Home remedies for eye diseases can be dangerous in some cases. It is very dangerous to blindly throw every good and bad thing in the eyes. We will mention here only a few major eye diseases. When home remedies can be easily done, and it is not likely to damage the eyes. You should consult a doctor for other disorders.


Blepharitis is the most common disease of the eyelids. The eyelids itch first and then a pimple appears, which becomes very big in three or four days and starts to hurt a lot. After a few days, the rash becomes pus and it ruptures. After the dirty material comes out, the wound heals very quickly, and the pain goes away. Often the whole eyelid becomes swollen, this disease is often seen in children. Blepharitis is also caused by the same germs that cause boils. Physical weakness and lack of immunity against germs provide the best chance of attacking these germs. Particularly vulnerable children can have multiple goiter at the same time. Sometimes Blepharitis comes out in one place after recovery. People who have more boils or acne are more likely to get Blepharitis out.


If the child is weak, improve his health by feeding him proper food. When Blepharitis is in severe pain, tapping her with warm clothes will cause pus to form in her, and the pain will go away after she erupts. If the Blepharitis does not explode even after the eruption, then pull out a pluck of hair that has grown in it and pus starts coming out. If the Blepharitis still does not rupture and is in severe pain, get an incision from a doctor. In addition to the pain in the Blepharitis, there is also itching, but do not let the children Blepharitis itch. Pressing on it will allow germs to enter the healthy part of the surroundings. Some people try to bite Blepharitis by pressing it in their fingers. It is also dangerous for the patient and is useful for germs. If several cow dung comes out or it comes out again and again, it is useful to get a few injections of penicillin, but it is also important to prevent physical weakness.

Eye Allergies:

Allergies are also a major cause of eye inflammation. If the cause is caused by an allergy, it is not difficult to diagnose. There are sudden irritation and inflammation in the eyes and too much water. This condition does not last long and the inflammation usually goes away once the cause of the allergy is gone. If the eye is constantly allergic, the germs have a chance to catch it. Therefore, it is necessary to treat it immediately, with eye allergies, usually nasal allergies, and colds.


Try to find out the cause of allergies. Dust, gases, certain chemicals used in industries, perfumes, medicines, and oils are the main causes of this allergy. Try to avoid this even for a reason. If this is not possible, consult an allergy clinic. Where you can be anesthetized against an allergen. Atropine is the most important cause of eye allergies. If you are allergic to atropine, give it up, and use Home Atropine instead.

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