How To Prevent Dry Cough


In this article, Take care of yourself. Use honey to alleviate coughing with people. Use herbs to fight cough. If you cough, it is important to remember that coughing is a normal reflex process. This is the body’s natural protection, which allows the expulsion of itching and mucus. However, a cough can be a sign of a respiratory infection or lung disorder, and if it does not go away in a few days, it is important to consult a doctor to make sure it is not a serious illness.

  • Method 1 Take care of yourself
  • Method 2 Healing with drugs
  • Method 3 Use honey to relieve dry cough
  • Method 4 Use herbs to fight cough

If it becomes chronic, permanent enough to prevent you from falling asleep, or if it hurts with it, you want to reduce the discomfort. For this purpose, there are various treatments for getting rid of dry cough, ranging from natural remedies to drug treatments.

Take Care of Yourself:

Take rest. A lot of people try to continue their daily activities when they get sick, but to get rid of a sharp dry cough quickly, you need to get enough rest. If you live an active lifestyle, you risk contaminating your friends, relatives, and colleagues, and aggravate your condition by weakening your immune system.

It can be difficult, but take a day off if possible. If your child is coughing, it is best to stay home. Her teachers and her classmates’ parents will thank you. When we cough, the viruses are often spread through airborne droplets. You or your child should always cover their mouth when coughing. Try coughing into your elbow bully and that right away. Wash your hands afterward.

Wet the breath you breathe. Use an air humidifier or take a hot shower. So that a lot of vapors are generated. You can also keep water bowls in the house, especially near the heat source to allow water to evaporate into the air.

Eat healthy and in small portions. Try to eat small amounts of food, which you can easily digest. Avoid fatty and heavy foods. You must provide enough energy to your immune system to fight the disease. So try to eat more often. Use complex carbohydrates and standard proteins, such as fish and poultry without skin. When you are sick, take the following foods:

Hot Cereals, Such As Oatmeal:

Adding a pinch of cayenne pepper can help to thin the mucus and facilitate its excretion.


It contains active bacteria, which improve the intestinal micro flora and simultaneously strengthen the immune system. Foods high in antioxidants and vitamin C include peppers, oranges, berries (blackberries, strawberries, and raspberries), and green leafy vegetables. Sources of beta carotene and vitamin A: These include any yellow or orange foods (such as carrots, pumpkins, and sweet potatoes).

Healing With Drugs:

Excessive counter-criticism. Antiseptics are available as drop drops, lozenges, or sprays. These products are usually very useful for moderate cough and are found in any pharmacy. Determine the reason for limiting the choice of treatment. A dry cough is often associated with a sore throat. Usually, it is a mild irritation, but it can also be very painful. Here are the main causes of dry cough.

Use Honey to Relieve Dry Cough:

Take a little honey to calm the cough. Honey has antibacterial and antiviral properties. In fact, it is more effective in relieving cough. From dextromethorphan, a cough suppressant is sold in pharmacies.

Do not give honey to a child under one year of age. The risk of contracting neonatal botulism due to the presence of bacterial toxins in honey due to the presence of bacterial toxins is even minimal. Infants’ immune systems are not yet mature, which means that exposure to botulism can have fatal consequences.

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