Pneumonia, Its Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment


Many people are carrying lung bacteria again. Although they do not suffer from the disease. These bacteria attack when the immune system is weakened. That is why the disease is more prevalent in children, especially infants and the elderly.

Symptoms of Pneumonia

Lung diseases are common all over the world. As winter approaches, the number of people suffering from this contagious disease increases dramatically. Millions of its patients are being treated in hospitals around the world. Sometimes the disease can be fatal. Despite innovations and improvements in antibiotic discoveries, lung disease has not been cured and patients with the disease are forced to turn to a large number of hospitals.

A report by the Palestine Information Center sheds light on the causes, symptoms, effects, and treatment of pneumonia in the light of the views of health experts. The causes of this disease are described below.


Pneumonia is a chronic disease and probably the most important cause is bacteria. Some people attribute the virus to its causes and triggers. Toxins and boils that form in the body also reach the lungs through the respiratory system. Experts say that pneumonia in infants is caused by “golden cluster” bacteria.

Infectious disease

Pneumonia is a contagious disease that can be transmitted to another person through coughing, sneezing, or even talking. Small drops are enough to make the disease contagious, which can spread from one sick person’s body to another. These drops can reach others through the air just by sneezing and make them sick.

Nicotine, found in cigarettes, is a strange substance that plays a key role in weakening the body’s immune system. That is why most lung patients are said to be addicted to smoking.


Coughing and a rise in body temperature above 40 degrees Celsius are generally considered symptoms of pneumonia. If these two symptoms go hand in hand, there is a greater risk of contracting the disease.

There are other symptoms of pneumonia. For example, the heart beats faster. Feeling cold for no reason, shortness of breath, and feeling pain in the bones. Yellowish-green color of mucus and sometimes bleeding with mucus are also symptoms of lung disease.


Lung disease causes rapid debilitating effects in the human body. Toxic substances in the blood increase which puts the patient’s life in danger. Difficulty breathing. In other words, the lungs do not get the amount of oxygen they need, which affects their functioning.


In the case of lung disease, the patient should rest as much as possible while giving up hard work. If there is any other disease along with the lungs or difficulty in breathing, a doctor should be consulted immediately. If this condition occurs in children, they should see a doctor immediately.


Penicillin-like antibiotics are usually considered the first treatment for the disease. It strengthens the immune system in the body as well as resists the causes of the disease.


How To Get Rid Of Headaches With Massage


In this article we will learn how to massage your face. Relax your neck muscles. Usually, the headache is actually muscle or is related to muscle tension. Occurs with muscle aches, palpitations, throbbing pain due to swelling and constriction of blood vessels. Headaches caused by nervous and muscle tension usually cause permanent, dull pain on both sides of the skull. These two types of headaches can last from a few hours to a few days. A massage helps to relax both types of muscles comfortably, which reduces the pressure on the nerves and blood vessels.



  • Method 1 Massage your face
  • Method 2 Stretch the neck muscles
  • Method 3 Massage your neck and the base of your scalp
Method 1 Massage Your Face

Drink a glass of water before starting the massage. Refill your glass with water and hold it in your hand, so you can sip it during your massage. After the massage, you will also have to drink another glass of water.

It is important to stay well hydrated 24 hours after the massage. Water will help eliminate toxins extracted by the body during the massage. Poor hydration after a massage can cause muscle pain and a feeling of lethargy.

Place your thumbs on the top of your nose, where it meets your forehead. Push your thumbs towards each other and pinch your nostrils. Apply strong pressure without causing pain. Hold your thumbs for ten seconds. Repeat three to five times.

Keep your thumbs in the same position, but to squeeze the flesh of your fingers towards your forehead, rotate them. Press for ten seconds, release and repeat two or three times. If you have pain behind your eyes, press your closed eyelids gently but firmly, using your index fingers. Then lower and press your fingers on the end of the eyelid. Repeat three or more times if necessary.

Massage the area under your eyebrows. Starting with the nose, pinch the skin under your eyebrows between the thumb and forefinger of each hand. Gently stretch for ten seconds before releasing the braided skin. Repeat pinching the skin under your eyebrows, this time more visible. Keep pulling the skin. Move your fingers to the outside, covering the entire area under your eyebrows. Place the three middle fingers or the palms of your hands on the temples. Press firmly and steadily for ten seconds. Then do a circular massage.

Method 2 Stretch The Muscles Of His Neck.

Tilt your head so that your right ear is close to your right shoulder. Increase the weight of your head naturally to the muscles of your neck for ten seconds.

Straighten your head as usual and rest for ten seconds. Repeat on the other side, bringing your left ear closer to your left shoulder.

Rotate the aspect and always repeat these stretches while respecting the intervals between each. Continue until the muscles on both sides of your neck relax.

Lower the chin toward your chest to increase the base of the neck muscles. Hold continuously for ten seconds and then straighten your head.

Now extend the muscles in front of the neck by tilting your head back to see the ceiling.

Method 3 Massage Your Neck And The Base Of Your Scalp.

Massage your neck up and down with finger gestures. Massage your muscles, which you have just stretched on each side of the neck as well as back and forth. Place the fingers of each hand on each side of your neck at the base of your scalp. Massage on the base of your scalp with circular motions. Then bring your fingers up to the ears to gently massage from the area around the ears.


Try to meditate, it helps reduce stress. The stress associated with scalp pain can also affect your shoulders and back, making it difficult to massage yourself. Ask a friend to massage your back or shoulders or if your self-massage can’t relieve your pain.


Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder


He is obsessed with football all the time. She is very fond of shoes. He must lie. We use these words for people who keep repeating certain habits or actions. However, others do not understand the reason for their behavior. This habit usually does not become a problem and in some cases, it can be helpful. However, the need to repeat a task or to bring a thought to mind over and over again can have a painful effect on life.


Traumatic thoughts come to your mind again and again, even though you try not to let them come to your mind.


Your heart repeatedly demands that you touch something over and over again, count things over and over again, or do something over and over again, such as washing your hands a lot. So you may have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

How do OCD patients feel?

I am afraid that I will get some disease from others. I clean my house with bleach for hours. So that the germs will die, and I wash my hands many times a day. I try. “I don’t have to go out for any work. When my husband and children come home, I take off their shoes before they enter the house. I ask them in detail, ‘ Where did they go to find out if they had gone to a dirty place like a hospital, etc. I force them to change their clothes and take a good bath when they get home. That my delusions are stupid. My family is fed up with this habit. But I have been doing all this for so long that I can’t stop myself now.

Symptoms of OCD:

There are basically two types of symptoms in obsessive-compulsive disorder.

  • ۔ Ideas of delusion. (Obsessions)
  • ۔ Things that the patient is forced to do over and over again. (Complaints)

Patients have recurring thoughts, delusions, doubts, and whispers that last for hours. Usually, these illusions are very painful. Because they are violent or sexual in nature, and the patient knows that these are vain thoughts. The patient tries to stop them from coming to their mind again and again or to shake them from their mind, but these thoughts do not come out of the mind. The patient knows that these are his own thoughts but they come to mind against his will. Sometimes people have thoughts of killing someone or saying bad things over and over again.

Complaints (repeating the same task over and over again)

Many patients with this disease repeat certain tasks countless times, for example, some people wash their hands for an hour or check fifty times to see if the door is open. Most patients know that they have done this and that it is useless and useless to do it again, for example, if their hands are clean or the door is open, but they have a strong urge to do it again. They do not do it again and try to stop it. So there seems to be intense panic. Sometimes patients do such things over and over again. Because they think that if they don’t do this, they or their family will be in big trouble.

How common is OCD?

About 2% of people are affected by the disease at some point in their lives. The rate of this disease is equal in men and women.

How Severe Can OCD Be?

If OCD is severe, it becomes almost impossible to work regularly, have a good time with family, or take an interest in family matters. If the patient tries to include his family members in his complications, he may become upset and angry.

Which method is better for me? Medication or psychotherapy?

Exposure-response treatment can also be taken without expert advice (in mild illness). Many people benefit from it, and it has no side effects except a little panic at first. On the other hand, it requires a lot of encouragement and hard work, and in the beginning, the panic grows.


Memory Problems and Dementia


Sometimes we forget everything or something. This process of forgetting becomes faster with age.

Issues That Can Affect Memory:
Depression and anxiety.

These are the problems in which the patient is entangled in his own pain and is unaware of the situation around him. These diseases also affect attention. Depressed patients often think that they are losing their memory, but it is more likely that older people suffer from poor memory. Actually suffering from depression instead of dementia.


Older people have difficulty remembering things or recognizing people by their names. This problem has affected us all too some extent since the age of about fifty.

Boredom, fatigue, or drowsiness.

These conditions also affect memory.

Physical health:

Poor hearing and vision, alcohol, sleeping pills, or chronic pain can also affect memory.

The thyroid gland is not working properly.

If these glands do not work properly, the body and mind become sluggish.

Heart and lung diseases.

These diseases cause a lack of oxygen to the brain.


Increased or low levels of sugar also affect brain function.

Chest or Urinary Tract Infection.

Chest or urinary tract infections and even improper diet can cause memory problems.


The disease mainly affects the elderly. About 20% of people over the age of 8 have memory problems.

The most common of these problems is Alzheimer’s disease. The disease causes a variety of problems, such as poor memory, difficulty choosing the right words, difficulty in one’s daily routine, such as not being able to change clothes on one’s own. Impaired judgment ability, not being able to estimate things correctly (stating one’s mother’s age as one’s own); Personality change; Irritability, anger, rudeness, things I was interested in before. Loss of interest in them; Doubts, anxiety, depression; and refusing to accept that their mental abilities are not the same as before, even though the rest of the family clearly seems to. If the condition worsens, the dementia patient may forget the way home. Patients with dementia do not even recognize their husbands, wives, or children.

Minor Strokes Can Cause Dementia:

In almost all patients, the disease gradually becomes more severe. Although this process can be fast. However, it usually happens gradually. Sometimes a series of minor strokes can cause dementia (multi-infarct dementia). Because of these attacks, the symptoms of dementia suddenly become worse and worse. However, there may be an interval of about a year between attacks, with no significant change. Such dementia can also be inherited.

High blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, smoking, alcoholism, and obesity also increase the risk of dementia. Because of these problems the blood supply to the brain is affected. One type of dementia occurs in people with Parkinson’s disease. One type of dementia is Korsakov syndrome, which can affect young people.

Why Does Dementia Occur?

We do not know the exact cause of most types of dementia, but we do know a little bit about the causes. Dementia is sometimes a family disease, such as Alzheimer’s disease that can affect more than one person in the family. Dementia is very common in people with Down syndrome. Severe head injuries can also increase the risk of dementia.


Some patients realize that they have the disease. They understand the resulting weaknesses, such as memory impairment and difficulty in performing daily tasks, and adapt themselves to them. They acknowledge the fact that they have to rely more on others and that they can help others in their care. While other patients do not admit that there is something wrong with them. It is difficult to help such people.


Make Teeth White, Shiny, And Healthy


Every one of us seems to be bothered by toothache at some point. People often complain that despite the use of expensive toothpaste, the teeth do not show whiteness and shine. In such a situation simple home remedies for dental care can be very useful. Whether it’s cleaning teeth or increasing tooth shine, removing bad breath, or preventing tooth decay.

Tips for Teeth:
  • There are simple and indigenous tips for teeth, which have been found to be effective for centuries. These simple household tips are useful for teeth and gums.
  • For teeth like white pearls, mix half a teaspoon of baking soda with a pinch of salt and massage the teeth with a brush. Then brush your teeth with toothpaste.
  • Brush your teeth with it. Take a little baking soda and mix it with fresh lemon juice to make a paste, and apply it well on the teeth with the help of a brush. Before that, clean the teeth by rubbing them with tissue paper.
  • Mixing salt in mustard oil and rubbing it on the teeth in the morning and evening relieves bleeding from the teeth, gingivitis, and toothache. At the same time, the teeth become shiny and strong.
  • Mix half a teaspoon of baking powder in a strawberry pulp to remove the yellowness of the teeth and leave it on the teeth with a toothbrush for five minutes, then brush well. The ingredient Eugenol found in cloves is a powerful antiseptic with antiseptic effects. Applying clove or clove oil on teeth or gums is considered to be the best for gum health.
  • If a few basil leaves are chewed regularly, then they are useful in removing plaque and bad breath.
  • The roots of millet contain compounds called Licoricidin and Licorisoflavin. They stop the production of germs in the dental cavity and fight against bad breath. To prevent dental disease, take a pinch of toothpaste and place it on the affected tooth, or brush your teeth with this powder.
  • The soft bark of the neem or yellow tree is very useful in removing tooth stains and peeling. Brushing teeth with this bark two to three times a day makes the teeth shine like pearls. Mint is extremely beneficial for polishing teeth. Coat the mint and apply it to the toothpaste instead of the toothbrush to make the teeth strong and shiny.
The Stress Acids In Lemons Whiten Teeth.

Take a lemon peel and rub it well on your teeth. Salty semi-warm water keeps teeth naturally clean and keeps gums healthy. Mix one teaspoon of salt in lukewarm water and use it as a mouthwash. Banana peels contain potassium, manganese, and magnesium, which are the best recipes for healthy and shiny teeth.

Apple Peel:

Rub the peel on the teeth for about a minute and do this twice a day. Similar benefits of malt and apple peel have been observed. Eggplant ash can be mixed with any toothpaste to clean the teeth, then the teeth become white and shiny.

After brushing in the morning, rinse with an equal amount of water in apple cider vinegar to get rid of bad breath in minutes.

Use of Vinegar:

Do not use vinegar more than twice a week. Finely grind bay leaves with dried orange peels. Brush your teeth with the help of this pus. This homemade tooth powder is very beneficial for teeth. Mix 2 to 3 drops of mint oil in a teaspoon of turmeric and coconut oil. Use this mixture as normal toothpaste. This homemade toothpaste not only cares for the surface of the teeth but also restores whiteness and makes the breath smell. Rub fresh aloe Vera juice or gel prepared from it on the teeth, massage with a brush, and brush. You can repeat this process even after brushing. In a few weeks, the smile will be adorned with white shining teeth.


Is Papple Fruit Apple or Pear?


A new type of fruit is increasingly gaining popularity and popularity in the market these days. This fruit looks exactly like an apple. However, the taste and texture of this fruit are similar to that of pears. This fruit belongs to the category of seed or hybrid fruit, which botanical experts have named “Papple Fruit”.

For the past several decades, agronomists and botanists have been producing delicious varieties of fruits, including mangoes and canoes, to name a few. But using the seed methods of cultivation (called Hybrid Pollination & Agriculture in scientific terms), now the seeds of two different fruits belonging to the same botanical family the quest to cross-breed a brand new type of fruit through the reproduction of has been gaining momentum over the years, with the success of their efforts. Obtained by mutual scattering.

History of Papple Fruit:

Apple and pear seed research has been given the hybrid code of T109. While this hybrid fruit obtained has been named Papple Fruit. This is because, in English, apples are called apples and pears are called pears, which is why researchers have named this variety, which is derived from these two fruits, Papple.

Similarly, another excellent fruit belonging to the botanical family Rosaceae is also known as pear, which is as juicy and delicious as apple as well as an elixir of health. . Like apples, this fruit is said to have many medicinal properties. In maintaining the health of the digestive tract, such as the gastrointestinal tract, pears are not only an excellent fruit but also a remedy for chronic constipation by accelerating the process of food digestion in the intestines. And also plays an important role in overcoming other weaknesses of the digestive system.

Tree and Leaves of Papple Fruits

IN (Lover Albey Breeding Initiative). “It was made from a combination of apples and pears,” says Derand. The Papple tree looks like an apple tree. While its leaves look like a pear tree. The hybrid fruit called Papple, which grows on trees, is also in the shape of an apple. But its taste and properties resemble those of a pear.

This hybrid fruit is made from different types of apples and then cross-bred. The researchers hoped that such a high-quality fruit would be produced. However, it was also impossible to ignore the natural process involved. Because it took 20-15 years to start preparing a new variety of apples and selling it regularly. Highlighting the research process, the researchers said that German experts were not the only ones involved in the effort to develop a new fruit from the genetic combination of apples and pears. New Zealand also investigated the matter. “The good taste of any hybrid fruit is just an attribute,” the researchers added.

Can Pears be substituted for Apples?

In addition, the ability to prevent diseases is also important. For example, if the genetic characteristics of a pear tree are matched with those of an apple tree, the chances of these defects occurring in this crossbred plant are zero. The victim is an apple tree or plant, which also eliminates the hassle of using pesticides.

Which fruit is Better Apple or Pear?

Apples and pears have the same nutritional value in this fruit called Papple Fruit as they are housed in one place. Therefore, this fruit proves to be an ideal example of a cult. As mentioned, the researchers developed the Papple fruit plant by cross-pollination of apples and pears. The fruits are grown in it and the other trees made from these fruits also showed the best benefits in terms of cultivation, such as the lack of fertility or insect infestation in the Papple fruit tree and also in the fruit. There was a decrease in the number of seeds.


Do You Have Calcium Deficiency 7 Signs?


Calcium is a very important mineral used in our body, which in addition to keeping bones, teeth, muscles, and heart-healthy, also plays a very important role in keeping our body active, and if we do not eat enough calcium. Remain. So it causes a lack of calcium in our body and invites many chronic diseases, and women in particular start to suffer from this deficiency after the age of 30. And if children suffer from it, then their physical development is reduced.

Calcium deficiency usually does not cause any obvious symptoms, which may indicate that the body is deficient in calcium, but there are a few symptoms caused by its deficiency, which should be examined by a doctor. It becomes necessary to do.

In order to indicate that the body is really deficient in calcium and those symptoms are as follows.

Stretch the muscles:

Muscle cramps, pain, and cramps are the first symptoms of calcium deficiency, in which people usually start to feel pain in the legs and arms while walking and working. Other symptoms include numbness of the limbs and tingling of the hands, arms, legs, and needles in the mouth, etc., and these are further signs of severe calcium deficiency. But there may be other causes of the disease, and in case of these symptoms, it is necessary to see a doctor.

Feeling very tired:

In the case of calcium deficiency, the body feels severe fatigue. Laziness and laziness and lack of energy arise. Other symptoms include lightheadedness, dizziness, and fog in front of the brain, as well as the loss of focus, forgetfulness, and confusion of the brain when resolving issues.

Nails and skin:

Calcium deficiency alters the structure of the nails, and this causes the nails to become dry, begin to break and become rough, and severe deficiencies cause the scalp hair to fall out into small round spots, which are usually hair The root is considered.

Calcium deficiency symptoms also appear on the skin and many skin diseases are associated with calcium deficiency. Eczema and psoriasis in particular are also caused by a lack of calcium.

Allergies, itching, and red spots on the skin are also signs of calcium deficiency. But these symptoms can also appear in the case of other diseases. Therefore it is important to get examined by a doctor.

Bone diseases:

Calcium is the basic mineral for maintaining bone health. Bones contain a large amount of calcium. But if the body is deficient in calcium, the body begins to make up for the lack of calcium in the bones, which weakens the bones, makes them thinner, and can break even with a minor injury.

Discomfort before menstruation:

One of the causes of this disease in women is a calcium deficiency, and according to the results of a medical study, women who ate 500 mg of calcium daily, who were suffering from this disease, where their condition was controlled, also their mood. Improved and increased their ability to work.


Teeth store a large amount of calcium, and when the body is deficient in calcium, it also begins to use dental calcium to make up for the deficiency, which can lead to weak teeth, gum pain, and tooth structure. Diseases such as tooth decay and cavities occur, and if this deficiency occurs in young children, their baby teeth will erupt late.


Experts say that lack of calcium can lead to poor mood. This can lead to depression.


If you experience any or all of these symptoms, it is important that you contact your doctor immediately and have your calcium levels checked. So they can prescribe you calcium supplements etc. Also, increase your intake of calcium-rich foods such as milk, butter, green leafy vegetables, dried fruits, meat, fish, etc.


Well-Known Grains and Diseases


Cereals have long been the most important part of the human diet. Although they exist in various forms, all of them have chemical synthesis and nutritional value. Some medical experts consider them to be a diet rich in carbohydrates.

Cereals have four main components, including straw, bran, pulp, and the nutrient component. The distinctive feature of grains is their small size, slight moisture, and hardness. These grains are mentioned below, which are usually eaten more and are medically useful and healing.


It is a very nutritious and nourishing grain. It looks like wheat but differs in taste. It contains a combination of proteins and vitamin B complex (vitamin B complex). It also contains calcium, steel, phosphorus, fiber, moisture, and starch. Oatmeal and soup made from it are considered desirable dishes. In the West, it is also used as sugar syrup.

Barley water is useful in digestive disorders. Drinking barley porridge with liqueur or lemon juice makes urine open. It is also helpful in the inflammation of the bladder and kidneys, which is found to be effective in relieving fever and its severity.


Rice is a major component of the diet of more than half of the world’s population. Rice must be cooked two or three times a week in almost every household. In the East, rice is considered to have a magical effect and a healthy diet. The starch found in rice is different from other grains, as it contains an element like lopectine, which has the ability to be digested faster. Although rice has a lower protein content than wheat, it is of high quality because it contains eight essential amino acids. Which strengthens the brain and nerves as well as has an effective effect on vision.

Rice is considered an ideal food for digestive disorders, such as gastric ulcers, esophageal inflammation, diarrhea, gastrointestinal cancer, and typhoid. They help in eliminating skin inflammation and heat and inflammation. Rice is also considered a very useful food for patients with high blood pressure, as it is low in cholesterol and salt.


The most widely eaten grain in the world is wheat, which is considered to be nutritious and energetic. Wheat is used as food in the form of flour. Every part of the whole wheat provides essential nutrients to the human body. The gluten and sugars found in it (starch) provide heat and energy.

The proteins in wheat work to repair tissues. Also proves to be excellent in relieving dental diseases, degeneration, and pain. Wheatgrass juice works as an excellent mouthwash. This juice reduces toxins in the blood and improves the function of the vessels. Wheatgrass juice is also useful in skin diseases.


Corn is unique among cereals, as it has a higher sugar content than other cereals. It is very easily digested. Occasionally eating it makes it possible to clean the small intestine. Corn is usually eaten fried in bread or boiled. Corn helps absorb moisture by stimulating the intestines. Corn is useful for people suffering from constipation. It also contains vitamins, steel, phosphorus, and calcium.


Cereals provide abundant energy to the body. Whole grains contain all the groups of B vitamins, which are considered important in our diet.


The Weather Is Changing, Affective Seasonal Disorder


The weather is changing, the days are getting shorter and the sun is not shining, it can affect everyone’s mood. Medical experts know that even a small amount of daylight and relatively little sunlight is enough to affect a person’s personality. This season can also be full of sadness, the individual feels frustrated, weak, or broken from within.

This thinking is the result of seasonal effects, it has absolutely nothing to do with reality. According to a global study, climate change definitely affects one in three men’s personality. This change affects women more than men. Affected women outnumber men. In medical parlance, these effects are called “Affective Seasonal Disorder”.

This condition can occur in people living in any part of the country.

These measures can also be taken in lockdown areas.

First thinking change:

“If you think about why the day is ending so quickly,” says Dr. Honey Lingka Sturgems, a human behaviorist. Why is it getting dark, or should I finish my work and get home before it gets dark, so stop thinking first?

This is unjustified, if a person keeps thinking such things, then his nature may become more cumbersome.

Light Reduction:

In winter, the days get shorter, the darkness spreads quickly and the work is incomplete. Decreases in both speed and volume of work further affect the condition of the heart. Don’t panic, gather your thoughts, and achieve your goals by finishing the most important tasks first. Work that can also be done at home. Add them to the second list.

Reducing work stress will improve your health. Make exercise a routine, it should also be an integral part of life routines.

Don’t Forget To Get Vitamins From The Sun:

As the day gets shorter, some people try to complete the work in the office and some at home. That’s fine, but vitamins are also important. For starvation, there may be a deficiency of vitamin D in the same season.

We must keep the amount of vitamin D intact in all cases. So be sure to go to the garden or lawn. Otherwise, the mood may get worse. Vitamin D deficiency also has a detrimental effect on mood, doctors say. According to Dr. Weiner David, vitamin D deficiency causes frustration rather than comfort. This is because the sun’s rays help the skin absorb vitamin D fat.

Low levels of vitamin D in the winter can lead to osteoporosis. With birds chirping in the ears and chirping among the trees and plants, this scene of health is very pleasing and soothing, give them some time to.

Also, Pay attention on diet:,

Protein foods help the brain send signals of relief through neurotransmitters, so eat nuts on these cold evenings, health will be maintained and the anxiety or panic caused by climate change will not remain. Eat fish, meat, cheese, and beans and stay calm.


There is no need to worry, there are measures to be taken to prevent the effects of the weather. Scientists have heard the good news that this is possible. Changing the routine throughout the day can restore the cumbersome nature.


Oops, This Back Pain


Back pain is a painful disease. There are many reasons for this. Most of them are people who are not careful while working, such as people who sit in front of the computer in a common chair for many hours, women who constantly work in the kitchen, in the offices. Young men, women who wear high heels, walk on paper and chairs for hours. Those who carry heavy loads while emphasizing the waist. People who sleep on extremely soft mattress beds.

In countries where the element of hardship prevails in people’s daily lives, most people suffer from back pain at a young age. As the problem gets worse, there is a growing focus on treatment, diagnosis, and precautionary measures.

Causes Of Back Pain:

In addition to the causes mentioned above, the following factors can also cause back pain.

  • Severe blow in a sudden accident
  • Pressure on the spine
  • Inflammation of the joints
  • Excessive use of cigarettes or other drugs
  • Malnutrition and weakness
  • Stress, anxiety, fatigue, or any illness
  • Seasonal effects

Below are some recipes and natural ingredients that significantly reduce the disease.


Add half a teaspoon of ground turmeric and the same amount of ground ginger, add two cups of water and cook on low heat for ten to fifteen minutes.

Cool and mix honey to taste and drink it twice a day. Soak a small piece of turmeric in water and grind it. Now put these two in a bowl. Mix half a teaspoon of sea salt in it and make a paste by mixing this mixture well. Gently massage it on the sore spot for a few minutes, after an hour takes a bath with lukewarm water. Drink a teaspoon of ground turmeric and a teaspoon of honey dissolved in a glass of milk.

Neem leaves:

Grind ten grams of neem leaves and mix it in half a cup of mustard or sesame oil and massage the back twice a day.


Turnips should be cooked along with the leaves, as its leaves are useful for muscles.

Cut 25 grams of turnip leaves and soak it in a glass of water at night. In the morning, take a pinch of black cumin and a pinch of ground ginger or ginger and drink it. You will feel relief in back pain.


Soak seven figs in rose liqueur overnight. Eat figs and drink alcohol. After a few days of use, you can get rid of back pain.


Grind a piece of ginger and mix it with a tablespoon of sesame oil to make a paste. Massage the painful part of the back in such a way that it is well absorbed. Finely chop a few small pieces of ginger and boil in half a cup of water for ten to fifteen minutes. When the water burns, remove the pieces, cool, and grind. Eat them with a teaspoon of honey, it is said to be useful for back pain.

Drink ginger tea two to three times a day. Boil a teaspoon of ground ginger, half a teaspoon of cloves, half a teaspoon of black pepper in a cup of water, when half the water is left, take it off, cool it, and drink it. Cut the ginger into small pieces and wrap it in a muslin cloth or tissue paper and tie it on the painful part of the back at night. In the morning the pain will be significantly reduced.

Basil leaves:

Boil eight to ten basil leaves in a cup of water until half a cup of water remains. Cool it and drink it with half a pinch of salt. Doing this twice a day relieves the pain.

Olive Oil:

Heat a tablespoon of olive oil and massage the affected area. Drinking a teaspoon of olive oil daily improves pain.


Doctors have taken a revolutionary approach to diagnose and treat it. Many people in the West now have to work hard to maintain their standard of living. Follows the above remedies it takes several days of rest to cure.